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United States Association of Reptile Keepers, Florida

Who We Are:

USARK FL is a registered non-profit organization duly incorporated in the state of Florida. We are advocates for the practice of Herpetoculture; the non-traditional agricultural pursuit of farming high-quality captive bred reptiles and amphibians for conservation projects, zoos, museums, research facilities, education, entertainment and pets.  USARK FL is the only Florida advocate of the conservation, responsible ownership and trade of reptiles and amphibians as a #1 priority with no conflicting interests.

What We Do:

We are dedicated to conservation through captive propagation, and espouse the ideal of, "Preserving Reptiles & Amphibians for Our Future". We endorse a "Keepers Code of Ethics."  Our members are veterinarians, researchers, breeders, manufacturers, feed producers, hobbyists and pet owners. 

Board of Directors:

Elizabeth Wisneski (President)
Billy Healy (Vice President)
Eric Russell (Treasurer)
Michael Cole (Secretary)
Eugene Bessette (Director of Government Affairs)
Mike Layman
Amir Soleymani
Brian Love
Chris Nettles
Ivan Alfonso, DVM

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